10.18.15//Day 4: Back to the Coast

I woke up this morning while it was still dark. I must be getting good at this camping thing because it only took me 30 minutes to break down camp and pack up the car. 

I took yet another route out of Big Bear and down the mountains. It was supposed to be a scenic drive, which I suppose it would have been if the fog hadn’t been so thick. By 0830, the fog was so thick and dark it looked like nighttime. I still enjoyed the drive, fog and all. We drove across California for the second time of the trip and made our way to the Pacific Coast Highway (or, PCH). One definite destination I had for the day was Neptune’s Net, a seafood restaurant  located right on the PCH in Malibu. I ordered a crab cake burger and some shrimp. Delicious!

We continued up the PCH through Oxnard, our old stomping grounds. Embracing the nomadic lifestyle and the warm weather, I stopped in Oxnard Shores, dug out a swimsuit, and hit the beach. Charlie had a great time splashing around in the water, ever cautious of those sneaky waves. 😉

As they say, home is where you pitch it. Tonight, that is Upper Oso campground in Santa Barbara. As much as I’m enjoying sleeping in a tent, I must say I’m not too fond of “roughing it” vault-style toilets. The bathrooms are pretty dark & gross and I’d much rather use the woods than those facilities.  It was quite windy tonight as I was pitching the tent. The wind made for a little challenge, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Thank goodness for those stronger stakes – they’re doing a great job holding Kokomo in place! Sweet dreams!

~malama pono~


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