10.21.15//Day 7 – On the road again

Today was my last day on the ranch. Sandee spoiled me with farm fresh eggs, coffee, and great conversation this morning. While we had girl talk, Charlie was in the car where he was supposed to be eating his breakfast. Instead, he was chasing flies. I came out of the house to find him sitting in the drivers’ seat with brown stuff on his nose. For the life of me, I couldn’t think of what food I had in the car that he could have gotten into…then it donned on me…my money tree! (When I had packed everything into storage, I couldn’t pack away or get rid of the one plant I’ve managed not to kill, so it has been traveling along with us.) It had a perfect perch between the front seats on the center console. That is, until Bull-in-China-shop came crashing in. The brown stuff on his nose was the dirt from the pot. Some of it, anyway. The majority of it was all over the drivers’ seat, the shifter, and the floorboards. Once upon a time, something like this would have lead to tears. But, today, all I could do was smile and laugh. He looked so darn cute sitting in my seat that I just couldn’t get mad. And, really, why get upset over spilled…dirt? 😉 Sandee helped me clean out the car and then we saddled the horses. It was time to ride!

It has been years since I’ve been on a horse. As a kid, I rode regularly. But, somehow, as an adult, riding a horse just doesn’t seem to fit into my day-to-day. I rode the handsome fella in the picture above. His name is Cooper. He is the horse Sandee rides for sheriff business. He’s very smart and super gentle – a great horse to get me back in the saddle! I had so much fun getting to know him. Sort of like Charlie, Cooper would close his eyes while I brushed him. He looked so relaxed! One day, when I have a farm of my very own, I hope to have a horse just like Cooper.

As hard as it was, I packed up the car and hit the road again this afternoon. I absolutely loved my time at the ranch with Sandee and Roger and all of the animals. It was perfect! But, I’ll never get back to NC if I stay put in California. 😉

I drove through the wide-open desert to Death Valley National Park. There were stretches of the highway that looked like they went on indefinitely. I made a quick pitstop at the Sand Dunes and then proceeded on to the Furnace Creek campground. I found a site and set up my tent – without the rainfly! 🙂 For dinner, I enjoyed leftover ribs and an orange that Sandee had packed for me. It was a delicious dinner and quite a perfect campsite meal…unless you’re a vegan. (ahem, Dan 😉 ) And, so far, I’m lounging on top of my sleeping bag, under the light of the very bright moon!

~malama pono~

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