11.13.15//Day 30 – My Mother’s Arms

After 7,062 miles on the road, I arrived at home.

For 30 days, I was everywhere and nowhere all at once. I was at home by myself, on the road, with my friends, in my car, in my tent, and with Charlie by my side. I was at home at the beach, with my toes sinking in the sand and the water lapping at my ankles. I was at home in the mountains, a tiny being amongst the giant trees. I was at home in the flurry of snow and in the warm embrace of the sun. Yet, at times, I felt as home-less as I could possibly be.Read More »

10.29.15//Day 15 – Petaluma

I’ve spent a little time every morning this week trying to decide when I would leave town. Postponing my departure this far was easy, especially after Ian’s parents conned me into staying an extra day to hang out with Ian. (Trickery and arm twisting. So much arm twisting. 😉 ) Today, as I was looking at my rough itinerary, the options, the weather, the possibilities…I knew it was time to hop on the road again. That didn’t stop me from literally carrying my bag from the house – to the car – to the house – to the car – to the house and back to the car again.Read More »