10.21.15//Day 7 – On the road again

Today was my last day on the ranch. Sandee spoiled me with farm fresh eggs, coffee, and great conversation this morning. While we had girl talk, Charlie was in the car where he was supposed to be eating his breakfast. Instead, he was chasing flies. Read More »


10.15.15//Day 1: Salton Sea area & Joshua Tree NP

Our first stop was Rock Hill Trail – a short walk on the southern edge of Salton Sea. (It was on the way here that we met standstill traffic due to construction.) Once we arrived, Charlie and I took a moment to have some breakfast (0630 is too early for either of us, really). We took a look around the wildlife refuge, read a sign or two, and found the observation deck. Sight-seeing for the lazy. 😉 The scenery was a bit underwhelming and the dirt trail was like walking through finely sifted flour, so we kept to the observation deck for a few pictures before carrying on.Read More »