10.22.15//Day 8 – The One with All the Driving

I woke up around midnight, surprised at how bright it was outside. The moon, though it was not full, was in full effect. I rolled over and fell back asleep, not stirring again until just before 0500. By that point, the moon was gone and the sky was littered with stars. I have never seen so many stars in all my life! Read More »

10.15.15//Day 1: Salton Sea area & Joshua Tree NP

Our first stop was Rock Hill Trail – a short walk on the southern edge of Salton Sea. (It was on the way here that we met standstill traffic due to construction.) Once we arrived, Charlie and I took a moment to have some breakfast (0630 is too early for either of us, really). We took a look around the wildlife refuge, read a sign or two, and found the observation deck. Sight-seeing for the lazy. 😉 The scenery was a bit underwhelming and the dirt trail was like walking through finely sifted flour, so we kept to the observation deck for a few pictures before carrying on.Read More »