10.30.15//Day 16: Sonoma 

This morning was…unusual.

In all my years, I’ve been woken up by many different things, such as: the world’s worst alarm, chickens crowing, my loving brothers banging on pots & pans, a cockroach crawling across my face, small children, and a dog smothering me in doggy kisses. But I have never been woken up by donkeys. Until today.

Around 0630, Charlie & I started to hear a bray-bray here and a bray-bray there. e i e i o 

Each time, Charlie snapped to high alert. (Apparently he’s not a big fan of jackasses. 😉) But by the time we were ready to get up, there wasn’t a donkey to be seen. Had I not taken a picture of them in the early morning light, I would have been sure I’d dreamt the whole thing! In the pasture where the donkeys had been (just a stone’s throw from my tent, literally) there was a herd of cows. I assure you there were donkeys, though. I have proof!

Today, we explored wine country. Oh, how I love Sonoma! We started at the Sonoma Plaza – walking around the square a few times before most of the shops were open. I picked up coffee and a pastry and enjoyed both while sitting in the rose garden. While Sonoma is pretty dog friendly, the beautifully landscaped garden in the middle of the Plaza is not, so Charlie enjoyed breakfast in the car. From there we went on to Bartholomew Park Winery, where we enjoyed the dog-friendly hiking trails, museum, and tasting room. Charlie, in particular, enjoyed snorkeling in the streams we encountered on the trails. There is no talking this dog out of getting wet when he’s made up his mind to do so.

Our digs tonight are located down a windy road…over the river and through the woods…past amazing houses…in a cozy little campground in Sonoma Valley. It is so peaceful and quiet here…

Between the wineries and the scenic drives and the ginormous fairytale-style houses nestled in the forest, I’m finding it difficult to come up with a reason to leave. I’ll reassess the situation in the morning. 😉

~malama pono~

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